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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Night

So, after some really tough losses against the Toronto Raptors and the short-handed (and I mean SHORT-HANDED)Detroit Pistons as of late, the Wiz look to get back on track tonight...but it won't be easy. A nationally televised game vs. the Boston Celtics could provide some extra info about what the Wizards are really made of. While their current two-game losing streak and 7-12 record show otherwise, people who know the Wizards' personnel feel that things could get turned around, though it's been taking much longer than expected. (Former) All-Star players, an all-star coach, three-point specialists, and an offensive rebounding machine. And they're 7-12? Clearly not good enough and no one is happy about it. But against the Celtics, winners of eight in a row right now, the Wiz need to play with the heart, desire, will and desperation that was NOT showing against the Pistons last game if they want to have a chance against this Boston powerhouse. I won't be at the game because of a late class tonight...damn those Thursday night classes at Mason!! I'll just have to pray that things go our way and that Flip and Ernie, who recently spoke publicly about the dissapointment of this season so far, have gotten into the heads of these players...for good instead of for the next game or two. Either way, it will be a tough one tonight and we'll see what type of energy this team comes out with and if they can withstand the charge or even possibly get a huge "W" in the end.
-Arenas scores more in the fourth quarter than he did in the fourth against the Pistons (a.k.a. just get at least a free throw)
-Antawn gets back to his consistent self and gets his 20 and 10 that we all know he can get
-Caron stops hesitating and pulls the trigger when he has the open shot
-Brendan comes up huge on defense with some blocks and at least 10 boards. We will probably need at least 4 on the offensive end from him if we want second chances
-Foye gets in and hits some shots and gets back to feeling comfortable on the court
-Boykins can mix things up and get Boston confused with his weaving through the defense
-Nick Young hits his first shot...because we all know he's hot when he hits early and...I don't even want to go to what happens when he misses early.

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