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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Typical Wizards Night...Close, But No Cigar.

In the words of my brother at the end of last night's game -- "Somewhere LeBron is laughing."
Of course he is. He's probably dancing like he did against the Bulls, too. Why? Because just as he did against the Cavs in the playoffs a few years ago, Arenas missed two free throws in the final seconds of a game en route to another Wizards loss. He shot 1-6 from the foul line for the game...and then went straight to the practice gym after the game and made 40 of 50 free throws. Probably not the amount we all know he can make, but 80% in the practice gym by himself is just a little better than the 16% he shot when it counted. Right? So why does the man who loves attention always make them behind closed doors and miss them with the game on the line?! I wish I knew...
And even after the missed free throws, there was still a chance for the Wiz to tie the game at 103, but, following a timeout, Arenas got the ball and rushed a three that clanked off the rim and fell to Randy Foye, who ran to the three-point line and quickly fired a turnaround three because time was expiring.....except there was about 8.5 seconds left when he shot it. He didn't know how much time was on the clock, and once again, the Wizards showed they didn't know how to win. At 7-13, thee is always a chance to turn things around, but the hopes of this happening fades quicker and quicker as the Wiz lose game after game.
Side-note Observation:
I will say, however, that Brendan Haywood has been more than I ever expected him to be this season. No, he doesn't average 20 and 10, but his numbers are still very solid (averaging over 10 points, almost 11 rebounds, and more than 2 blocks per game!) and continued his consistent performing with 17 points and 8 rebounds and a block on 7-7 shooting last night. His presence is really felt on this team. I never thought I'd witness the transformation of "Brenda, the weak center" a few years ago to "Brendan, the Wizards' big-body in the paint!" I am very glad for him, too, because when I come to games early, I see him out on the court before EVERY single home game working on his free throw shooting, which has drastically improved over the years, and low-post moves, which have looked much better this season, as well.

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