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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eleven? .....oh, why not.

For the 11th year in a row, the Wizards have lost to the Spurs in San Antonio. I don't know why this is, but I can surely say without any objections that tonight's game was nothing short of ugly...again. Though I had to watch the game on the internet due to a television outage, I was still watching the same Wizards team who seems to be in a continuous battle with something I call "Basketball Bi-polar." On some nights they decide to play like a team without a glitch in their game (i.e. against the Mavs and Cavs) and other nights they come out the way they did tonight -- where I actually look forward to watching the Redskins lose to their opponent because they aren't good enough rather than watching the Wizards lose to themselves (i.e. Miami and Detroit), which seems to have become a habit of theirs. But, of course! Losing to yourself is much easier than losing to someone else! Turning the ball over is so simple! So is setting a moving screen (which I had never seen done so many times by one team as the Wizards have so far)! Oh, why not throw in a bunch of missed free throws while we're at it?! It's not like we need points to win basketball games or anything! There are all explainable reasons for the Wiz' troubles so far this season and can only be fixed by one solution...FOCUS. Focus on executing passes to your teammate. Focus on keeping your feet set during a screen. Focus on making every free throw. Focus makes winners! Kobe focuses on his shot every time he shoots...and he is a winner! Gilbert Arenas focuses on how many people follow him on Twitter....and he is not a winner. Tim Duncan focuses on getting rebounds and hitting his trademark bank shot...and he is a winner! JaVale McGee focuses so much on perfecting his "Salute" after he dunks that he can't find enough time to get playing time and actually dunk in a real game...and like Arenas, he is also not a winner. But how could anyone explain these injuries? Just this season alone, "Fallen Wiz" have included: Jamison, Butler, James, Crittenton, Foye, Oberto and now Mike Miller, who went down with a strained calf early in the game tonight. The team's record is now 3-9. Pretty bad, huh? Well, think of it this way: The Wizards would completely dominate the All-Injured Team if there was one. Congratulations! Maybe if they had enough healthy players playing well all game, every game then their record could look more like 9-3 instead of the reverse...

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