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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Little "Boy" Among Large Men

Boykins is on-board!! The little man from Ohio has been all over the map, including stops in Los Angeles, playing for the "other" NBA team from that city, Cleveland, Denver, Golden State and even across the pond in Italy last year. But with the Washington Wizards in desperate need of a healthy body, carrying their injury-prone team over from last season (and the season before), they called on Boykins' 5'5'' frame to give them a huge boost at the point guard position. And they will need it. He may be small, but he has been one of my favorite PG's for the past few years. He has a bundle of energy inside of him and let's just hope it can come out when he steps on the court for the Wiz against the Detroit Pistons this Saturday night. The Wiz are really struggling after such a strong opening night against the Mavericks. With Randy Foye spraining his ankle against Miami the other night, Mike James breaking his finger, Javaris Crittenton having surgery this off-season on his foot, Mike Miller possibly coming back Saturday from a sprained shoulder and Nick Young just striaght-up sucking, they really need someone to bring the crowd to their feet. And what a perfect way to do this by bringing one of the smallest players in NBA history to the court to spark the team and light a fire coming off the bench. Who knows what will happen. All I know is that I'm excited like crazy and hope he can really get the team going! Let's go Wiz!!

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