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Monday, November 16, 2009


Sorry, Flip. Once again your team, run by the former Hibachi, fell apart down the stretch after being improperly repaired this off-season following two years of inactivity, and has been sputtering all through this season.
With the seconds ticking away in the fourth quarter of a close game between the Washington Wizards and Flip Saunders' former team, the Detroit Pistons, Gilbert Arenas made sure he was the one holding the ball for the Wiz. He wanted be the hero and bring the team its first win in 6 games. Not an unlikely thought for any player, especially a former all-star who is on the level of LeBron James when it comes to needing and getting attention for his on-court play and off-court antics. And after a slow start without a single point in the first quarter, Arenas made some layups, hit some shots then nailed a three pointer near the beginning of the third quarter. I looked up at the jumbotron from my seat near the Wizards bench and realized that Arenas already had 14 points. But not only that...he was doing his infamous hand gesture which, according to Arenas, indicates when his shot and Hibachi grill are heating up. Maybe he began a little too early to be getting his on-court attention because as the game wore on and the score staying close, Arenas had his chance to prove he was really back and cookin'. But Ben Gordon, of the Pistons, seemed to be the one who was really hot. He made threes, hit clutch free throws and put the dagger into Washington's back with a floating jumper over Brendan Haywood to seal the win for Detroit. And during the final stretch of the game, the only thing that was making Arenas feel hot was Gordon, lighting up the Wizards on seemingly every possession.
Instead of bailing the Wizards in the fianl seconds of a close game -- which he hasn't done all season -- Arenas drove the lane and slipped up...something he's been doing a lot of lately. He lost control of the ball and it fell right to a Pistons player, giving them the game. Literally. But Arenas did sink a three pointer for the Wiz late in the game...and it was the last shot of the game with just one second left, as well. Too bad the Wizards were down six at the time.
The newly-acquired Earl Boykins was on the floor for the Wiz Saturday night though, and had himself a fantastic game. Twenty points. And in the third and fourth quarter, it seemed that Flip trusted Earl to run the team instead of Arenas. Maybe it should stay that way. Arenas is not the Hibachi anymore and who knows if he ever will be. All I know is that he needs a wake-up call and a lot of help fixing that troubled "Hibachi grill" of his.

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